Classification in types and wattage:

1. The types of LED beads are generally divided into: straight insertion type, SMD type, high power, piranha, COB, Integrated.            •

2. Straw hat lamp, round head, flat head, lamp body size is divided into: F3 F5 F8.F10            •

3. The common SMD LEDs are 0603.1206.0805.020.3528.2835.5050.5630.5730.2030 and so on. Most of them are used for lighting and lighting.            •

4. High power LEDs refers to power more than 0.5W, For example, 1W 3W 5W 10W,20W.50W 100W and so on, mostly used in lighting products •

5. Piranha is divided into flat-headed, etc., mostly used for lighting, car lights.            •

6. LED lamp is widely used in electronics. electrical appliances, communications, lighting, mainly use straight insertion type, SMD type 3528.2835.5050.5630.5730 are commonly used in household, as well as high power LEDs

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