Single LED white light on the aging board to detect the data, and the LED white light into a lamp aging

Detected data, it must be a bit out of the. The size of the difference depends on the work of the LED.

Electrical parameters and the design of lamps and lanterns, and the use of the environment.

1, the choice of what kind of LED lamp

This is very important, the quality of LED beads can be said to be a very important factor. -6%. aging; aging aging aging aging aging low attenuation for the package, with white light with some examples, the same wafer 14mil chip on behalf of common epoxy resin as primer and white glue and glue encapsulation of LED lamp beads, a single light in 30 degrees, 1000 hours, attenuation data 70%; if the class D ring glue water packaging, in the same environment, thousands of hours of 45%; if the class C low attenuation glue encapsulation in the same environment, thousands of hours of 12%; if class B low attenuation glue encapsulation in the same environment, thousands of hours of failure is – 3% if class a low attenuation glue, in the same environment, thousands of hours of failure

In general, ordinary epoxy resin thermal conductivity is very small. Therefore, when the LED chip is lighted, LED chip to emit heat, and common epoxy resin thermal capacity is limited, so when you from external measurements of LED light source out the temperature of the LED bracket is 45 degrees, the white LED lights in the centre of the chip temperature may exceed 80 degrees. LED temperature of the node is actually 80 degrees, then, when the LED chip in the temperature of the temperature of the time, it is very hard, which speeds up the aging of the LED light source.

2, LED light source working environment temperature

According to the single LED light source aging data, LED light source if only a light work. At the same time, the environment temperature is 30 degrees, then single LED light source bracket temperature not over 45 degrees. This time, the LED’s life will be very ideal. If is 100 pieces of LED light source and is lighted, the interval between them is 11.4mm. Then, LED light source lamp stack at the periphery of the stent temperature also may not more than 45 degrees, but the lamp stack in the middle of the LED light source has the potential to achieve high temperature of 65 degrees. This time, the LED light source is a test. Then, gathered in the middle of the LED light source and theoretical decay will be faster, and the lamp stack around the LED light source, the attenuation will slow a bit. But if the LED lamp beads are separated by more than 25mm, then they each divergent heat wouldn’t accumulate. This time, the temperature of each LED lamp bracket should be less than 50 degrees below, is more conducive to such work.

If the LED working environment is relatively cold, the average temperature of the year may be just around 15 degrees, or smaller, and that for LED, the life is longer. Or, when LED works, next to a small fan blowing, to help it to disperse the heat, so that the son of the life of the LED is also very helpful. Anyway, we should know that LED is afraid of hot, the higher the temperature, the shorter the LED life, the lower the temperature, the longer the LED life. The ideal working temperature of LED is, of course, between 5 to zero. But it’s basically impossible.

Design of electrical parameters? 3, LED bulb

According to the experimental results, the lower the driving current of LED white light, the smaller the emission of heat, of course, the smaller the brightness. According to the survey, solar LED lighting circuit design, LED drive current is 5-10mA; lamp beads number with products, such as to achieve more than 500, or more, drive current is 10-15mA, and popular application of LED lighting drive current, just 15-18mA, rarely have the current design to 20mA above. And experimental results also show that in 14 Ma drive current, and, along with the windtight cover, inside the air temperature reached 71 degrees of environment, low failure products, thousands of small time decay to zero, 2000 hours of failure is 3%, which indicates that the low attenuation LED white light in such environment use has reached its maximum, again is a damage to it the.

Because the aging of the aging plate with no heat function, so, the heat generated by the LED work is basically no method of conduction to the outside. The experiment proved this. The air temperature inside the aging board has reached 101 degrees of high temperature, the surface temperature of the aging board is only 53 degrees, a difference of dozens of degrees. This shows that the design of the plastic lid is not basically a heat conduction. But the general design of lamps and lanterns, taking into account the function of heat conduction. Therefore, in summary, LED lamp power parameters design to according to the actual situation, if the lamps and lanterns of heat conduction and heat radiation function is very good, white LED lamp drive current increase is no relation of, because the heat generated by the LED lamp bead work moment to export to outside, the LED without damage, is the best care of LED. Contrary, if the lamp heat radiating function careless, it is best to circuit design a small point, let it less and put some heat out.

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